Yom HaZikaron- Day of The Memory

Today is Yom HaZikaron. The Day of Memory. Today we remember all of the soldiers lost in Israel’s many wars and terror attacks. In Israel, over 80% of the population serves in the army. That means that every single person has lost someone to terror. I couldn’t let this day slip by without mentioning it, so I decided to write this poem.

Everyone Knows Someone

Everyone knows someone,

Family or friend,

Who fought for the country that they believe in.

On this day of the year,

We let out our tears.

We remember those lost,

A siren we hear.

In those two minutes of silence,

Time seems to stand still.

Everyone stops. Everyone is still.

Remember those lost in horrible attacks,

And then look around as you remember that.

Thousands and thousands of people your age,

Will never live to see old age.

Fighting for the peace, and the country they love,

A fight that’s still going on, even as we talk.



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