A Fish to a Fisherman: A Persona Poem

I had to write a persona poem for my English class, and I really liked how it turned out. I figured I’d share it with you guys! Enjoy!

You just caught my brother, my sister, and friend.
The terror you inflict seems to never end.
The rapid river running, brings your boat near.
With a boom and a crash that now fills me with fear.
You sit quietly, waiting for someone to take the bait.
And innocent child, his first and last mistake.
Your worms are so tempting, a delicious treat.
We all are just looking for something to eat!
When the movement draws near, survival instincts kick in.
It’s all because of you Mr. Fisherman.
I know that you want money and food,
But don’t you think it to be quiet rude?
How would you feel if I tempted you out your door,
You’ve won a new car, but wait, there’s more!
After you enjoy your brand new treat,
It’s somebody else who gets to eat.
Think of this next time you get on the sea,
Fish have feelings too, don’t you agree?



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