Teaser Tuesday! Smile For the Camera by: Kelle James

I saw this last week done by of reading and random things blog. You can check out her post here. If you guys want to play along, the rules are simple. Just grab whatever you’re reading at the time, open to a random page, and choose two teaser sentences (spoiler free!) to share. Also, go ahead and share the title and the author as well, so other participants can add the book to their TBR lists if it sounds good!


Buddy calls Melanie “the girl with a thousand faces.” If that’s true, then this is her sad face. (Page 126 of Smile for the Camera by: Kelle James.)

While it doesn’t really tell much about the book, I thought this was a really interesting quote. This is a memoir by Kelle James and is basically the story of how she got into the modeling business. But it’s definitely not one of the happy-go-lucky fairytale dream stories. Kelle has to go through a lot, and this is the story of how she overcomes her struggles, and ultimately fulfills her dreams.

Share a quote from your current read in the comments so I can see if I want to add it to my TBR list!



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